Feeling eco-anxiety or want to do more to help the planet?

Want to learn about what your neighbors are doing in a friendly and supportive environment?

Then join the growing network of Climate Clubs across the US to meet like-minded neighbors, hear their strategies, and brainstorm projects we can work on together.

Don’t see a Climate Club near you? Then start one! We provide the resources you’ll need to set up your local Climate Club, including the background knowledge about the climate crisis and personal action, tools to reach out to and meet neighbors, and success stories from other clubs around the country.

Not ready to start a local club yet? Then check out the quick and easy actions you can do yourself just now to make meaningful progress on climate change and you can use your experience later as a topic of conversation with neighbors.

Whatever you do, know that you can make meaningful action on climate change right now! From educating yourself on your carbon footprint, to switching your electricity supplier, to replacing an old or broken appliance with an ENERGY STAR appliance, you can start today and share in our common journey to a more sustainable world!

Find an existing club

Each Climate Club brings together neighbors concerned about the planet and excited to help each other and their community. The Clubs offer a regular space and time for members to talk about and work on stopping climate change together, as the challenge is often too big to tackle alone.

Start a new club

Want to join the movement but don’t have a Climate Club chapter near you? We’ll help you start one! You can use our playbook to help schedule a meeting, find new members, and share useful topics.


Actions you can take right now?

Here are some resources that you can use to calculate your personal carbon footprint (the amount of CO2 that your actions and habits cause to be emitted), and learn about quick actions that you can take to reduce that footprint and start living a more sustainable life right now.