Start a new club

You can make it happen!

Want to join the movement but don’t have a Climate Club chapter near you? We’ll help you start one! You can use our playbook to help schedule a meeting, find new members, and share useful topics.

If you want 1-1 coaching on how to start a chapter, you can reach the climate club founders at

How we started a club

Matt, Gautam and Tim started the first chapter of the climate club in the summer of 2021 in the Shaw-Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, DC.

The group meets monthly in a community space with everyone welcome. During the first three meetings, the group covered topics including:

  • Measuring your household carbon footprint
  • Offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions
  • Buying carbon-free electricity
  • How to do more biking in the city (safely and with your family!)
  • Climate impact of food: diet and composting

You can learn more about these strategies in the Actions You Can Take Right Now section.